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physics, technology, Love


by Marcus Hammerschmitt

Tübingen — It’s probably a melting process. Often we feel weak afterwards, in a very agreable way. Even our knees, the most important joints in our bodies, have lost considerable strength. It feels so good to mo...

technology, Sound, physics


by Marcus Hammerschmitt

Tübingen — There is a magician in Massachusetts. He can make your voice sound better because he has a way with microphones. You send him your affordable device, he casts his magic spells and upgrades it to the l...

fog, physics, Prose

The physics of fog

by Marcus Hammerschmitt

Tübingen — Moving through the fog, we had a conversation on why it seemed to make car lights and street lights so much brighter when quite the opposite seemed plausible. A discussion of vaguely understood conce...

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