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The best way for Rob Ford (or any of us) to start rebuilding Toronto

by Shane Schick

Toronto — Unless you have kids — your own, your siblings’, or perhaps a friend’s kids you’re entertaining for the day — you may never have reason to visit the LegoLand Discovery Centre. Assuming he continues his reelection effort following a leave of absence, though, I’d recommend it for our mayor as a campaign stop. It’s the perfect metaphor for everything that’s possible in civic leadership, and for muc...

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There are different ways and degrees of settling down. I have usually been wary of them, perhaps out of ignorance.

by Marlon Jones

Sherborne — The question of settling reminds me of FBI agent Dale Cooper, in Twin Peaks, who not only pursues the case, but also forms attachments with the town and its residents. He advises the local sheriff to...

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When I saw this painting in one of the cucinas in Guimaras, I knew, I fell in love.

by Tj Suarez

Nueva valencia — I began liking paintings when my mother introduced me to the world of Encyclopedias when I was young back then. You can definitely taste and lick the early 1990’s summer breeze when you know your fami...

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This is where I travel these days.

by Marlon Jones

Taunton — I few years ago, I thought there was no baseball in the UK, but in fact, even in our area of the South West, there are a handful of fields of varying levels of refinement. We have our own pitching mo...

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