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#100HappyDays, Pokemon Go, temple gardens

Day 76 #100happydays: Pokémon Go

by So-Shan Au

London — Enjoying the sunshine and plants in bloom in Inner Temple Gardens, and learning what the fuss is about with Pokémon Go. I’m not convinced, and was more interested in the hydrangeas, which are giants!...

Pokemon Go, party

10 hours later

by Alan Wen

Fairfield — Weed may have been relaxing but 4 hrs of sleep + alcohol and weed is not exactly fun. Best 10 hrs of sleep I had in a long time but it also kept me down for a quarter of the party. Fair trade I guess...

Pokemon Go, Holidays, Saekano

One week left

by Alan Wen

Merrylands — Only a week left till uni starts up again. Man it didnt really feel that long of a break. Well at least Pokemon Go has keep me entertained I guess. Went out to eat on Wednesday night with the CSE cr...

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