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Coffee, Coffee Shops, Portland

I love immersing myself in a new town's coffee culture.

by Rian van der Merwe

Portland — We arrived in Portland just over a week ago, and I feel different. Happy. Restless. Confused. Excited. Apprehensive. That’s all part of the deal, of course. Moving countries is not for the faint of heart. I expected the jet lag and the lack of routine and the endless slog of getting a new life set up while trying to keep two small kids reasonably happy. But I didn’t expect how detached I would fee...

broke, Portland, oregon

She's standing outside the New Seasons market on Alberta Street--penguin-shaped, tented in a polyurethane poncho, holding a cardboard sign that said "Hungry." Shit, I think. Shit shit shit.

by Chelsea Batten

Portland — Road life shows me too many people like her, for me to ignore them. I try to tell myself that they wouldn’t want me to identify with them…I have a car, I have a job (at least most of the time), I’m ...

Portland, moving

Holding pattern. Waiting in the wings. Apartment 119 beckons.

by Jeremiah Knudson

Portland — Will my new neighbors be cool? Hope so. These second floor apartments transmit noise like drums. My eyrie next to the institution, yes I’m next door mere yards from a mental institution slash rehab. T...

Portland, Travel

What do you usually think about when you are in the city you haven't been to before? What are the first things you notice? What do you compare it to?

by Alex Navasardyan

Portland — I have to say, Portland is really nice. There are so many things that are better thought of than in Boston. Take parking meters, for example. It’s gigantic pain in the butt to park in Boston because a...

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