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Insanity, poverty

Is he crazy?

by Dani Z

Los angeles — On his way out, the man threw a penny at me. “Keep your change,” He declared grandly, with a flourish. The penny landed with a clatter, bouncing on my tray. Our interaction had begun a few minutes ago. His age was hard to guess - he had a patchy beard, his clothes were dirty, his face was streaked with grime. When I got close I noticed that I’d never seen hands so dirty, literally blackened, his...

smart city, displacement, poverty

Smart City Lexicon

by Binu Alex

Ahmedabad — Never understood the concept of smart cities. I have never seen one. May be because I am not a frequent international flyer. The cities that I went to, Bangkok, Manila, Kuala Lumpur, New York, Washing...

bars, technology, poverty

The counter is massive. Its scarred face gleams in the soft yellow light of the chandelier above.

by Dan W

Baltimore — A fireplace, set in the same marble as the counter, dominates the back of the room and the hundreds of bottles clustered on it and around it glitter in the semi-darkness. Above, stretching to the high...

poverty, Thoughts, Life

The Submergence

by Binu Alex

Ahmedabad — Wondering where to ferry the kids for this Vacation? I am surrounded by places with no ‘Wah’ feeling. May be a trip to Naramada Dam? As the first rain of 2004 fell in the Narmada tributaries in wester...

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