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Hong Kong, Democracy, Protest

July 1st Protest In Hong Kong

by Dallas Sanders

Hong kong — I was wary about going to the protests today. My concerns were mostly because this isn’t my fight. I don’t fully understand the issues behind the protest. I am a guest here and maybe my presence maybe used to show how this protest was under the control of ‘Western influences’ as i have been reading in the comment sections of the news organisations when they report on the many threats to Hong Kong ...

Protest, Mexico City, Internet

"When tyranny is law, revolution is order"--Pedro Albizu Campos

by Priscila Princigalli

Cuauhtémoc — Last night, thousands of teenagers gathered around El Angel de la independencia to demand the freedom of speech right through social media. Something that the new Ley Telecom threatens at all costs. ...

Protest, Journalism, Demonstrations

Look at all these spitters

by Steve Dearden

Manchester — I took a lot of pictures at the Take Back Manchester march when the Tories built a fortress in our city to conference inside. Normally I’d only post a tiny fraction of them. You might have heard the...

Theatre, Memory, Protest

Remembering Ken Saro-Wiwa

by Steve Dearden

Leeds — Twenty years ago tonight I was in the West Yorkshire Playhouse in Leeds, watching Wole Soyinka’s The Beatification of Area Boy. Around that time, many people, especially those of us who were friends ...

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