Public Baths

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Public Baths, japan, Onsens


by Dallas Sanders

Kita-ku — It’s in the mountains north of Kobe. It took an hour and a half to get there. There was snow and a big moon above. We got to sit outside with our tops freezing and our bottoms toasty. Onsens (hot spri...

japan, Public Baths, Culture

Public Baths

by Dallas Sanders

Sakyō-ku — The guesthouse keeper told how to work the gas stove, showed how to lock the door and where the toilet was but there was no shower or bath. We were told we had to use the public bath only a 10 to 15 m...

Public Baths, history

Good old culture of public bath remains in Japan. And functions as a meeting place of the town.

by Atushi Iiduka

Koganei — In the Hanakoganei here “Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum”. Old building reminiscent of the old days of Tokyo has been relocated from all over. Interesting building of public bath building and ...

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