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Helping organize neighbors from 70 to 20 something years of age to improve our local park, across from my apartment.

by Daniel Latorre

New york — When community parks are neglected engaged residents are willing to meet in cool of the evening to build demand for their simple cause. Safe parks, useful parks, open parks, maintained parks, free parks. We will be heard. We will get electoral support. We will connect more and more neighbors.

King's Cross, Fountains, Public Space


by Adrian Tribe

London — I returned to Granary Square this lunchtime, part of the Kings Cross Central development. This Square was designed by Townshend Landscape Architects and others, and I think they’ve done a fantastic j...

Public Space

This used to be a pedestrian bridge across the road next to the beach.

by Gerrit Niezen

Swansea — In Swansea, Wales, there is a main road that runs all along the bay from the marina and city centre to Mumbles, a little coastal town within the city limits. In between the beach and the main road the...

Public Space

About thirty days until I leave this place. Trying to reconcile leaving with all the work that's left to do.

by Andy Brown

Arlington — Just after I took this picture, two cars crashed into each other at an intersection behind me. I don’t think anyone was hurt.

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