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In the future, all the good guys are white

by Dani Z

Barcelona — I love cheesy sci-fi. As long as there are a couple of cool gadgets and interesting monsters I’ll forgive almost anything - a flawed storyline, blue aliens, terrible special effects, a bad script and wildly abused scientific or pseudo scientific terminology. The one thing I can’t stand (in any movie going experience, actually) are tired race or gender based stereotypes. Riddick, the latest install...

running, race

That moment when all your dreams come together...

by Stephanie Marie

New york — It hasn’t quite sunk in yet. Part of this new world order (for me) is being realistic about my successes. Yes, I ran faster than ever in a race that I don’t usually run; yes, I ran the fastest time of...

race, Culture, Food

The Eurasian Chinese restaurant experience.

by Dani Z

Mississauga — Growing up, I was lucky enough to be surrounded by my choice of Chinese restaurants. Given that I grew up in Mississauga (which is not known for making things pretty or distinct) they all look and see...


Are you white?

by Dani Z

Lisbon — The other day, over drinks a friend of mine related a story. She was with her boyfriend, in a suburb of London when he whispered: “Did you realize we’re the only white people here?” She looked back at...

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