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There is something so fulfilling about train rides.

by Maria Sipin

Campogalliano — There is something so fulfilling about train rides. Because there is no steering or pedaling involved, I can recline, rest my feet, plan my day, map out my appointments, and catch up on reading with a beverage in one hand and a prosciutto panini in the other. Train rides are great for multitaskers and mindful meditators, and everyone in between; you could even be both on one trip. As my train jour...

pets, Love, Relaxation

In Conversation with my Pet

by Binu Alex

Ahmedabad — I woke up this morning early to record an Audio Blog with my pet Percy. Made my entrance to the room where he is sleeping. Oh did I tell you Percy is the Indian Parakeet that we are caring for? He ha...

baths, istanbul, Relaxation

Turkish Bath Procedure

by Nicole Zhu

İstanbul — When people think spring break, it’s teenagers partying it up in Florida, getting drunk and skinny dipping or whatever it is crazy college kids do with a week to kill in a beach resort. My freshman ye...

home, Fire, Relaxation

Nothing Is As Soothing As Your House Being On Fire

by Jessea Christensen

Broomfield — Recently we moved into a new home that by far exceeded any hopes and expectations we could have had. Although we’ve only just begun to settle in, and the one-car garage is packed full of boxes, and ou...

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