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Perhaps there are days you're just not meant to get anything done!

by Christine Herrin

San francisco — I tried. I really tried. I even got up at 6 a.m.! (Okay, snoozed. 7 a.m.) Playing catch-up with thesis research things. Currently sitting in the Main Library. First of all, I’ve brought everything — my sketchbooks, my notes, my 10-ton MacBook Pro. (Walking with this brick is not fun.) Everything. Except a pen. Doh. (I steal a pencil from the box by the lib computers. No problemo.) Then I gat...

everyday science, Prose, research

The importance of research

by Marcus Hammerschmitt

Kirchheim — Just as acts of maintenance might be called poetic, poetry can be seen as maintenance. The world needs maintenance like any other machine. Physical matter needs order. The engineer wants to structure ...

sculpture, research

I wish I could ask him what he meant by this

by Adrian Tribe

London — On my lunchtime stroll yesterday I ended up exploring the Queen Square area again (and here). This time I noticed this low relief panel above one of the doors on the (hideous) 1930s extension buildin...

Architecture, research

Europe’s largest biomedical institute

by Adrian Tribe

London — Another view of the Francis Crick Institute, which I’ve written about previously here (in October 2013) and here (in May this year). In just a few weeks this is due to be opening, with something like...

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