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Day 3 - Nebraska Iowa Illinois Indiana

by Judson Duryea

Lafayette — Only 10 hours of driving today so I woke up late, got breakfast and set out on the road. 680 miles later I am staying with my friend Ricky a grad student at Purdue University. Today’s highlights were similar to yesterday’s. I did however drive across the Mississippi. As I drove across I contemplated the rivers significance to the country’s development. It was a lifeline that carried exports from ...

road trip, america, Interstate 80

My journey across the ocean starts with a journey across the country.

by Judson Duryea

Ogden — Awake at 5:30 am on the road at 6. 794 miles later I arrived at my first stop. Highlights included smoke from the King Fire in California drifting through the Sierras, exit signs for The Donner Pass...

america, road trip, On The Road

Day 4 - Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, Maryland, Delaware

by Judson Duryea

Bethany beach — After 778 miles today my trip from sea to shining sea is complete. I made it safely and without incident from California to Delaware. Highlights from today were the beautiful rolling hills of Ohio, ...

road trip, america, Interstate 80

Day 2 Utah to Nebraska

by Judson Duryea

York — 829 miles from Utah through Wyoming to Nebraska. Highlights include… … … … A lot of open space.

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