Saying Goodbye

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Packing, Leaving a town behind, Saying Goodbye

It is that time of the year, again!

by Arushi Chopra

New delhi — Last year I got the best opportunity yet, to move out and study in a different city. I returned home this summer to visit at first and then I ended up interning here itself. And somehow, as cliched as...

Death, Family, Saying Goodbye

My father died suddenly - or rather, to everyone else his death seemed sudden and unexpected, but for him, it was a long time coming. From the stories that people have shared about their last moments with him, I think he knew his death was imminent. 

by Bernadette Z.

San jose — My father died at the end of February, a week before my mother’s birthday and 3 weeks before his 71st birthday. His health had been very poor in the last year but we all thought he was looking better,...

Homes, Fireplaces, Saying Goodbye

Shala, goodbye.

by Craig Mod

Palo alto — I get emotional when I leave places — rooms, apartments, houses, countries. Whenever I leave my apartment in Japan, despite knowing well enough that I’ll be back soon, I can’t help but turn to the tin...

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