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A key, an illuminated apple, a Samuel Beckett anthology, an invisible self.

by Cherie Hu

Cambridge — In the shadow … of Samuel Beckett: … we must not … restrict ourselves to … mining for an … answer to every … problem we face … but rather we … must bask in … the vast spaces … created by our … questioning of the … world around us - … as constriction, as … desperation to find … an answer, destroys … the quintessentially human … possibility of transcendence, … of ...

#100HappyDays, Tea, School

Day 8 #100HappyDays: A nice cup of tea

by So-Shan Au

Singapore — Travelling around Asia means that I am deprived of a nice cup of tea, with proper milk, but I managed to have my first cup of tea in three days at a school cafeteria. The photo is of the school campus...

School, smoking, Love

I could totally retire in the Middle East.

by Conrad Frey

College station — Am I too young to begin thinking about retirement? I mean I’m not by any means ready to retire but last week I went to a Lebanese food place that offered hookah. I’ve never had more fun being producti...

kids, Sandwiches, School

Sushi sandwich (and other fillings favored by 4 year olds)

by Tanja P

Nicholls — Hi. I was perusing my middle niece’s preschool class folio for the year, given that I’d been gone for most of it, and have a huge interest in their scholarly development. I came across this note (and ...

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