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Seeing, Clouds, Shared experience

Diffusion Filter

by John Pull

Washington — Throughout the day and the evening friends, acquaintances, even strangers would ask, “Were you outside at 2pm today? Wasn’t that the most beautiful light you’ve ever seen?” The cloud pattern seen above in the photograph of the Jefferson covered all 360 degrees of sky, casting everything and everyone in perfect diffused lighting. It created an instant community of souls: first I stopped, marvele...

Architecture, Seeing, relationship & Situation

form (relationship & situation)

by Stephen Scott

Tokyo — We’d been eating tempura up on the main street of Ebisu, and decided to head down to Meguro. Train was the obvious choice — 1 stop. Maybe let’s walk instead then, not down the main road, via the backs...

Perception, Seeing, Philosophy

Patterns of Discovery

by David Wade Chambers

Aireys inlet — Series on Seeing 1 Last night, Norwood Hanson’s Patterns of Discovery fell into my hand for the first time in many years, causing me vividly to remember the excitement of first reading his introducto...

Food, Art, Seeing

Seeing: Judd & the Netherlands

by Stephen Scott

Melbourne — I don’t see the fruit so much. Nor the crates. I see 17th century Dutch still life paintings, mingled in with an installation of Donald Judd pieces. Was this presented with some intent? Is someone d...

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