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Cycling, Self

7 weeks & 1000 miles

by Jace Cooke

Boulder — Or an average of 1.55 hours / day on the bike since moving west. Hill climbs, group rides, lunch rides, dirt rides, recovery rides, mountain pass descents in stinging rain, aimless wiggles down farm roads as the sun tucks behind the foothills. The racer asks: What are you training for? (Nothing in particular) The non-racer wrinkles their nose: What are you running from? (Why run when you have a...

Self, Love, Passion

There's Gotta be More

by AJ

Brandon — Had I been able to convince myself sooner that self love is an essential asset to everything in life, I may have saved myself from a lot of unnecessary sorrow. I have spent my whole life putting othe...


Make time for yourself


Laguna beach — Hello Amal Raghav. Thank you for requesting me to complete my thought. That is a very nice picture of a dosa on your profile and it makes me hungry. In my country it is lunch time, and instead of spen...

Self, Observed

Nothing . . . .Sometimes I arrive at conclusions which are in fact just an alternate definition to the standard. I do this by downloading cosmic information.


Laguna niguel — I didn’t know about downloading till about 2002. It seems we all do this. To explain the phenomena, it’s how many people will all at once come up with the same design solution to a specific problem. T...

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