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by Steve Dearden

Paphos — The few days I was here I became convinced this beached ship must be named Europa. Tucked into the armpit of conflict I saw a rudderless boat loaded with Syrian refugees left to run aground by, depend...

japan, Ships, Ports

波浮の港 (Habu no Minato), The Habu Port

by Nishad TR

Oshima — Habu no Minato (波浮の港 , The HabuPort)1 is one of the famous Japanese folk songs. Chiyoko Sato’s 2 rendition of the song sold more than 1,00,000 discs in 1928. 磯の鵜の鳥ゃ 日暮れにゃ帰る 波浮の港にゃ 夕焼け小焼け 明日の日和は ヤレホンニ...

Books, Bookstore, Ships

Building a Galleon in the Desert

by Nelson Harst

Alpine — I almost skipped Front Street Books in Alpine, Texas. My trip through West Texas was nearly over and I was tired and eager to get another thirty miles down the highway to my hotel room in the next tow...

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