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Grandmother Spider

by David Wade Chambers

Aireys inlet — Star Trooper Alaric, American Sniper: Chris Kyle Class” In the year ACC 3420, Star Trooper Alaric returned to earth from his first half-millennium duty tour of nearby star systems. His crew understood very well that although earth culture was theoretically and organizationally controlled (just like the colony planets), nevertheless, entirely unlike the colony planets, Mother Earth was also deeme...

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It's 11pm. I get out of a movie theatre and get a taxi cab. And what follows is violent.

by david frança mendes

Rio de janeiro — It’s eleven PM and I’m getting out of a movie called The Canyons. I’m not sure what I think about the film, do I like it or not and why, and it is with this kind of cinephile reasoning in mind that I ...

Short Fiction, drawing, Fiction


by John McAlester

San francisco — She had an unnatural aversion to the horizontal. Which led to the usual things of course, insomnia, awkward sex but there were less obvious effects too. She never laid anything on a table, she never s...

Short Fiction

The short-short story. Fiction in 78 words – exactly. No more. No less. Begin.

by Mark Yearwood

Toronto — Okay, I’ll admit that it’s just an arbitrary number. No magic or meaning in its selection. Just 78 words to tell a story. A creation of a thousand cuts. A challenge for sure. But, fun. And, now for t...

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