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sHe : Her Hands , Her Hinds.

by Samuel Alomenu

Accra — She liked to dance and to walk; She’d been doing this since she could use her limbs; Now she has those beautiful legs, a full calf and strong thighs, to show for it ; And her hands , they are beautiful too; beautifully crafted from hard work ; As a child she worked tirelessly with her tender hands… and her arms; her hands live to tell the story, wrinkled from working it over the fire; and her ar...

Short story, Life

An anticlimax, they say is like a corridor, you know where the next door is.

by Samuel Alomenu

Accra — The Next Day. Sometimes he has conversations with her while she is not there. Let’s talk about dreams she says. “What did you dream of becoming when you were a child ?” I can’t really say. It is h...

spring, Short story, shoes

Abandoned: shoes

by Daniel Sparling

Novigrad — Sat alone on the sea wall, the early spring sunshine glancing off the water forced her gaze down. At first she absently stared into the water below, but then she came to focus on her shoes. How she h...

Handwritten, Short story

The Indeterminate Values of a He and a She (Part 1 of Undefined)

by Marion Esquillo

Pasig — He was on his last steps for the day. He has walked approximately half a kilometre within the city’s intestine. He was the night sky’s extra layer of black upon the pavement. He was a contributor to t...

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