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by David Wade Chambers

Dana point — Which way to the beach? Well, do we really need to ask? It seems to me that, as our culture grows increasingly visual, we see more and more evidence of “semasiographic” modes of communication. “in which meanings, not words or sounds, are suggested by signs.” (I. J. Gelb, A Study of Writing, 1963, p. 11) Such signs may be highly conventional, like musical or scientific notation, or they may be...

signs, lettering, practice

Practice makes imperfect

by Michael Silva

San francisco — Palette the brush against the lip of the cup. Press down on the heel of the brush to spread the bristles to the width of a letter stroke. The paint should be the consistency of vegetable oil or heavy ...

Memory, signs, photography

Additional Undercover Customer Parking

by Steve Dearden

Ilkley — I’ve been noticing this sign for days. ADDITIONAL UNDERCOVER CUSTOMER PARKING I wanted it for my collection of signs daftly worded or with unintended meanings given by line breaks, juxtaposition, mi...


By George!

by Adrian Tribe

Saint neots — I drove through Buckden today and saw this sign, which I thought was very clever. But how many can you name?!

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