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skiing, Winter, Utah

I don't want to wake up.

by Jess Hutton

Salt lake city — I’m from Tennessee. We don’t know what snow is - if the forecasters mention it, there’s city-wide panic and a sudden bread and milk shortage. I’ve read books about snow. I have imagined it and seen pictures in magazines. The first time we snowshoed this year, we were supposed to have 20 inches by the end of the day. I grinned the entire time, open-mouthed at the new world I found myself in. My hu...

skiing, mountains, zen

Spring skiing: fall version! Climbed 3500 feet, cleared my mind, fed my soul, snagged some sweet turns.

by Lindsay Caron

Portland — Being this high on the mountain spoils you. Essentially inside the crater formed by Mt. Hood’s last eruption, we are cradled by the mountain. The sound of glaciers groaning. The stench of sulfur ca...

Winter, Forest, skiing

Cross-country skiing in the wildlands

by Jonathon Reed

Kirkfield — We drove as far as we could and then strapped on our skis, headed for Smudge Creek deep in Queen Elizabeth II Wildlands Provincial Park. The air was cold and still, and the sky was a deep, rich blue. ...


Ready. Set. Go

by Grace Javier

Portage — I was once again on top of Upper Adele’s, one of the highest slopes on Cascade Mountain, waiting at the ‘ready’ but not really ‘set’ to ‘go.’ I was Frozen, by both fear and cold combined. Can I do th...

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