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Same old, same old

by Alan Wen

Haymarket — Haven’t updated in a while, might as well brush up on my recount skills. Ran into some people of the past week. Had a Caramar fiasco last week. Really hate the Bankstown line. At least Francis had the Dark Magician core I needed. Hmm what else? Oh yea met up with Tony (twice including yesterday), was nice catching up. Ran into Mai and learned that my old English teacher Ms Vu/Tran’s doing well. ...

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So tired...

by Alan Wen

Cabramatta — Busy making passports… It’s been almost 16 years since my last I think. Too much GTA, too much Overwatch… So lethargic.

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Might as well write about last night...

by Alan Wen

Wentworth falls — So since my exams ended I have spent only what? 12-16 hrs at home over the past 3-4 days? It’s nice I guess going out and all. Be it touring the city with mates (Uncle Mings still has the best bar c...

Uni, Slice of Life, Winter

Sweltering Nothing

by Alan Wen

Paddington — Getting up for an 11am actually feels good. Sure I didn’t go to the lecture but still. Ran into Tony on the train. Had a good chat, hadn’t seen him in ages. Tried to do work in the Socs Office… Bu...

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