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No Lifesavers at this Beach

by David Wade Chambers

Tidal river — Snakes always create a bit of excitement in Australia. The one pictured above, likely a Lowlands Copperhead, is poisonous enough to be a little scary. We have many venomous snakes, and Australian Ge...

hiking, snake, health

My eyes adjust to the dark at the same time I hear the rattle, loud and fast and so close.

by Erin Justice

Prescott — I can’t breathe. I should be able to. Behind me, Scott is walking at a steady pace. I have to force myself to trudge up the incline, and my heart feels like it might explode out of my chest. I have ...

Australian wildlife, snake, indigenous

Australian Snakes and the Dreamtime

by David Wade Chambers

Aireys inlet — It’s that time of year again. This pic was taken in November, a year ago, just as summer began to awaken the local reptile population. It’s an Eastern Brown, who was chasing a lizard down our garde...

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