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walking, Solo Travel, Solitude

Maybe someday I'll miss this: midnight walks alone, a stranger in a strange land.

by Aaron Palabyab

Madrid — It’s my forty-fifth day in Spain, one week after the end of an intense film shoot up in the north. Now I’m in Madrid, without a plan, holed up in an apartment on my own for the next few days. I took a midnight walk because it’s Saturday night and I didn’t want to be stay in, on the prowl for something I knew I wouldn’t find. And soon it hit me. All these hours on my own, guiltily wishing I weren...

Resolutions, Solitude

#2: How to be alone.

by Aaron Palabyab

Lungsod quezon — I wrote a #1, so I figured, why not keep going? Resolution #2: learn how to be alone. It sounds ironic coming from me. I’ve spent my whole life “alone,” relationship-wise, and I’ve managed to travel ...

Prose, Life, Solitude


by Rara Nindita

Midori ward — The Moon, that taciturn, imperfect satellite. She wonders if it ever felt lonely, if it is tired of being on its own. The moon doesn’t answer but she knows something for sure: It is so strangely beaut...

Airports, Solo Travel, Solitude

After five years of literally flying solo (and singing its praises), I have a confession: it's begun to wear thin.

by Aaron Palabyab

San francisco — And the main thing I love about going solo - this wide openness to serendipity - has momentarily lost its luster. I say this even though the last flight I was on, flying in to here, I was lucky enough...

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