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More time is better than more money.

by Kevin Kelly

Ronda — I’ve traveled extensively for 40 years. In almost every style there is. Been pampered in first class: I remember a time in Bangkok where they put me up in the Grand Orient Hotel on the river and I was assigned a personal butler who sat outside my room awaiting my wishes. I’ve hitchhiked penniless, too. I walked a thousand miles on my feet one trip. Ridden a bicycle across the US, twice. Traveled a...

Solo Travel

Tai Shan, mythical mountain.

by Kevin Kelly

Jinan — In mythical China there is an ancient temple at the top of a very high mountain sitting above the clouds and it takes 7,000 steps up a vertical stairway to reach it. Emperor, poets and pilgrims make t...

Solo Travel, Best travel advice

Travel to passions, not destinations

by Kevin Kelly

Nashik — I have never been disappointed by a visit to London. Paris or Tokyo. Or for that matter, by a tour of the hill towns of Italy, or India. In addition to the thousands of destinations I have visited in ...

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True Silence

by Daniel Steinbock

Khumjung — On the edge of Ngozumpa, the longest glacier in the Himalayas. It was here I heard true silence for the first time. No people, no machines in valley nor sky; only the eagles soundlessly soaring above....

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