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time, space

Right, whichever hemisphere you are in stand still for a moment, exactly where you are now,

by Steve Dearden

London — because I am at Longitude Zero, astride the Meridian Line and, if only for these few seconds, I want to fix exactly how far away you are from me, in space for sure, but most of all, in time.

Art, space

nothing is stationary

by Daniel Chow

Kennett square — over 30 years ago my high school friend called me an idiot and an imbecile because I told him that our solar system is not stationary. I suggested to him that as one of the results of the “Big Bang”, ...

Design, space

Filling in the gaps...

by Adrian Tribe

London — If I find myself sitting in a long meeting that - how shall I put this? - is not exactly holding my attention, I know that I might resort to filling in all the spaces within letters on the agenda or o...

space, Exploration, Courage

Modern day fear ...

by Apurva Desai

Vienna — This week I have been spending a good portion of my free time culling my ebook collection and using calibre to catalog and convert books to ePub format. I’ve come across a bunch of classic hard SF boo...

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