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Goodbye...Hasta la proxima....

by Dani Z

Sitges — I remember when I was about to leave for Asia, or for South America, or for Portugal. Each time I left with a backpack that contained a few pieces of clothing, minimal toiletries and something to read. I remember getting off the plane in Bangkok, in Lisbon, in Cartagena, and feeling feather-light, somehow closer to whoever it was I thought I was. This time is different. I have lived in Barcelona ...

Street Walks, Madrid, Spain

Oldschool Señor. He is an elegant gentleman in a blue suit with a tissue in the lapel, a well groomed man with a trail of fancy cologne in his wake.

by Jose Luis Pindado

Madrid — Before the metrosexual and hipsterism He was there.

Spain, castilla, village

El Páramo. Hontangas

by Natalia Bajo

Hontangas — In this village, located in a remote place of Castilla , you can see the whole sky as you never have seen it.

Festival, Spain

They’ve strung up a rope in the mountain village and blindfolded the boy …

by Steve Dearden

Bocairent — Maybe it’s my holiday reading: Antony Beevor’s The Battle for Spain on the Spanish Civil War and Curzio Malaparte’s viciously ironic rendering of liberated/‘re-occupied’ WW2 Naples in The Skin … mayb...

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