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Stayin' alive

by Christine Herrin

Mammoth lakes — The weekend goal: stay alive. I’ve tumbled, landed on my knees (on the wonderful spot where I skinned my knee earlier this week), landed on my butt, eaten snow. Around me, people speeding by effortlessly. Teens. Kids. Pros. Kids with GoPros. It’s not my first time on a snowboard (in fact… my fifth. Oh god. Like I learned nothing tumbling down the snowy mountains in Japan!) I just need more pr...

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I don't understand sports.

by Colin Wright

Columbia — I understand the social importance of sports. The theory of it, at least. Sports are a modern iteration of our historical battles and territorial scuffles. A way to tribe-up and compete, with slightl...



by Marcus Hammerschmitt

Tübingen — Sports - a world of dumb. Pointless exercises, bordering on deliberate self harm more often than not. Obnoxious group narcissism. Macho attitudes and behavior, crowds of spectators behaving like monke...

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by Jon Low

Sunderland — Football (or soccer) in the United Kingdom is more than just a sport. It’s a community, a chance to draw closer to your community by focusing on rivalries, yet still a quaint way for everyone to exhib...

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