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London, angel, Statues

Grey? Gray? I love it either way.

by Sam Wolinski

London — I forgot how much the tube reminds me of a big playmobil, as well as the energy I get from cool, overcast days.


Life goes on around her.

by Deb Stone

Oregon city — But that’s not the whole truth, is it? It was safer when life surrounded her, wasn’t it? Now that the concrete is breaking down, the pitted surface invites guests, and life bores into her despite her ...

Mongolia, Horses, Statues

Five Sepia Horses

by Sam Wolinski

Dalanzadgad — The hub of “hang out” in this small city is the stadium, and outside is the most magnificent statue I’ve seen in this country: five bronze horses, ready to scatter in five directions. Each is differe...

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