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Memories, storm, swimming pool

The beautiful storm that made me a man.

by Luis Mendo

Tokyo — One hot summer day, I was 14 and got the idea of going to the swimming pool with a friend. My mother, who would have normally go with me – actually I would go with them – insisted that storm was forecasted and it would be dangerous, nobody was going to the public pool that day. But there I went, with this friend of mine who was more independent than me and who I admired so much. The black clouds ...

Weather, storm

Ditch the schedule, a show!

by Ken Jackson

Duluth — No digital wide screen movie projector with surround sound can match the show I enjoy with my morning coffee. Previously I lived in a beautiful spot but dominated by trees (pine and birches). I walke...

Morocco, storm, Colours

Welcomed to Fès by a wild sky

by Pat Allan

Fès — After a long day’s travel across Morocco, I arrive by train into Fès to find a driver from the riad I’m staying at, and an amazing sky. While behind me is blue and cloudless, ahead it’s a magnificent...

storm, World Affairs, music

Mixed storm metaphors

by Pat Allan

Nashville — I’m walking east, back to my AirBnB in Nashville, and the night sky ahead of me is filled with lightning. I can’t hear any thunder, though, and it’s certainly not raining - Nashville has been consiste...

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