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Walking to a free open-air concert, I stopped to look up...

by Ruth Jeffries

Cincinnati — After finally finding a parking spot off the beaten path I started walking to the free open-air concert held on Fountain Square. In a unnecessary rush, I looked around for the street names at the near...

Street Walks, Goodbye, Memories


by Valentina Manchia

New york — Reordering photos, finding this one and suddenly remembering the moment in which I stopped to take it, getting away from Battery Park. (It has been so nice saying hi to you all. And I loved many of y...

Street Walks, Madrid, Spain

Oldschool Señor. He is an elegant gentleman in a blue suit with a tissue in the lapel, a well groomed man with a trail of fancy cologne in his wake.

by Jose Luis Pindado

Madrid — Before the metrosexual and hipsterism He was there.

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