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Culture, Identity, Youth

The Sweep

by Carla D

Willoughby — Throwing cards down on the table always felt like love. He’d learnt the pleasure as a kid, eyes barely breaching the table top, sweat from the day’s toil swimming amongst cigarette fumes, paint-stripper wine, cries and interjections, the tally of points. He didn’t care then that he didn’t properly understand, he just loved watching shapes slapped down and swept away. Clubs, coins, cups, blades. T...

Suburbia, mississauga

The lily thief, the woman in winter clothes, the casual backyard invader.

by Dani Z

Mississauga — Yesterday, after picking me up from the bus terminal my mom reported, angrily, that someone had stolen her Oriental Lilies. She clarified, “Actually, they took the bulb. They left the flowers and the ...

Today's Walk, summer, Suburbia

suburbs of the heart

by Stephen Scott

Eltham — “Interesting things happen on the edges where one thing becomes another” — Kevin McCloud. I recently stumbled across a long forgotten Australian ‘alternative’ — a now redundant music genre but well u...

Trains, Edgelands, Suburbia

The steel snake awaits.

by Stephen Scott

Eltham — Edgeland. The margins between the city and the country. Some just end up here; for others it is a destination filled with serious intent and ambition. Karl Hyde embraces these margins on his debut a...

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