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by Nisan Gogo

Paris — Lundi 23 juin 2014 Qu’est ce qu’on peut compter avec une bague-compteur ? Les gens qui lisent sur des liseuses ? Les hommes qui ont des bagues ? Les hommes qui ont des sacoches ? Les gens qui lisent ?...

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Subway seating etiquette. Start with the extremity seats, then leave an empty seat in between, and when nearly full but not quite, just stand.

by Paul Baron

Tokyo — If you’re tired and managed to grab a seat, good. Pay no attention to your neighbors and just slump left and right as the train accelerates and slows down. You may one day see yourself featured on som...

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Take care oldsters

by So-Shan Au

Beijing — English is such a brilliant language. Even when it isn’t used correctly, you still get the gist of what is being conveyed. And I’m going to try to use the word ‘oldster’ in my daily conversation. It c...

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