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This is a United States Navy Dakota which crashed on the black sands of Iceland in 1973. It's a very surreal sight.

by Conor MacNeill

South — This is something in Iceland that I find totally worth going to see, sadly it’s a bit of a trek to get to. We knew vaguely where this was, but still decided to get some GPS co-ordinates from our friend Mike Murphy to help us on our way. It was only about 2-3 kilometres from the road, but it ended up being a long walk due to the soft, spongy gravel/sand of the ‘beach’. It must have taken us over a...

Travel, sunset, cityscape

This was my first time in New York City and, indeed, my very first photoshoot in this iconic metropolis. Thankfully the weather was on my side.

by Conor MacNeill

New york — The weather had looked quite stormy all day, but I decided to risk going out to capture the majestic Manhattan cityscape from Brooklyn Bridge Park. I’d seen this view from a lot of other photographers...

sunset, Moments

A last sketch

by Sanna Karlsson

Katrineholm — Isn’t it fitting that the last words that you wanted to be profound, couldn’t really be found at all? That they were bits and pieces of something potentially meaningful flitting about your brain, just...

moving, Spain, sunset

Goodbye...Hasta la proxima....

by Dani Z

Sitges — I remember when I was about to leave for Asia, or for South America, or for Portugal. Each time I left with a backpack that contained a few pieces of clothing, minimal toiletries and something to read...

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