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There are a thousand quintillion clichés for every sunset. So, how was this one different? This: "Mandelstam. Brodsky. Anja."

by Lloyd Nebres

Lahaina — Thought it would be an ordinary extraordinary sunset this evening. As, the last thing I expected out of this Honokowai lightshow was an audible echo of the literary giants who have defined a meaningful aspect of my life. The last thing I expected to say out loud at just the moment the sun was setting were these (to me) hallowed names: Osip Mandelstam, Joseph Brodsky, Czeslaw Milosz. As I sat on...

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Real or just pretending?

by Steve Dearden

Valencia — We were driving back from Valencia and took a detour to see the lake. We didn’t expect the sunset, we didn’t expect the row of photographers lined up with their tripods, we didn’t expect the couple o...

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Another sunset

by Sanna Karlsson

Docksta — We’d walked down the hillside to the lake as soon as we stopped the car. The air was clear and cool, the sky unusually high and it felt as if you could see a thousand miles from this place, as if you...

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It was just another sunset...

by Eduardo Kolberg

New york — I´ve been thinking about my trip to New York a few years ago, and for me it is quite good looking old pictures. I always I try to grab the exactly moment and the situations that occurred when I pushed...

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