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Readmill talk, with accidental publish

by Craig Mod

Berlin — Hello Dear Subscribers (DS). You may have received a Lorem Ipsum message from me earlier. Apologies. Apologies. This is what happens, DS, when you are demoing a product and forget that things are live and have consequences and maybe you shouldn’t hit publish on that random moment you drafted to show off the interface. So perhaps I owe you some context? It’s raining. We’re in Berlin. It’s chilly...

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32 points for designers

by Christine Herrin

San francisco — From my rushed notes that night (cursing myself for not bringing a notebook; had to try to type them all up on my phone!) Sorry Daniel, spoilers for his future talks, I suppose! Also not verbatim. But...

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"Everything worthwhile takes time."

by Christine Herrin

Nisswa — Perhaps my favorite moment of Design Camp this past weekend was lunch with Debbie Millman (!). (Well, after Jessica & Russ’ epic karaoke rendition of End of the Road, but that’s another moment…...

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Inspiration and doubt

by Michael Silva

San francisco — When I took this photo on the first day of TypoSF design conference, I was not in the most positive of spaces (hence the “doubt” in the title). I’ve been in a bit of a funk design-wise and the thought...

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