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Temples, pilgrimage

What walking through a pitch black tunnel taught me about humanity.

by Elizabeth Mueller

Tosa-shi — I’m in Shikoku, doing the 88 temple pilgrimage. 四国八十瀉八おへんろ。 As cliche as it sounds this pilgrimage has been more about who I’ve met along the way than the physical temples I’ve visited. Nothing bro...

Temples, history, Life

A Tile of History

by Ricardo Magalhães

Chiang mai — On the list of things to do while in Chiang Mai was a visit to yet another one of the city’s many temples, Doi Suthep. Unlike all other temples, though, this one had the promise of a high view all ove...

Temples, history

Man Mo Temple in Taipo

by Dallas Sanders

Hong kong — Man Mo Temple honours the gods of Man (Civil God of Literacy) and Mo (Martial God). There are many Man Mo temples throughout Hong Kong but this is the temple I pass every day while going to and from w...

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