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Citizen Journalism, Terrorism

When I was a kid, there were no guards at the school gate, let alone those armed with AK-47s !

by Peter Nacken

Addis ababa — Yes, this guy on the right is armed with an automatic rifle! In front of my son’t school! Background is that ever since the attacks in Kenya (Westgate Mall), people have grown fearful. And just a few weeks ago, 2 bomb makers here in the capital city blew themselves up (by accident, no one said bomb makers are smart) before they were able to smuggle the bomb into a fully packed soccer stadium. Bu...

Commutes, Urbanism, Terrorism

Morning commute. Mind you, this is not the country side, this is the city center of Ethiopia's capital!

by Peter Nacken

Addis ababa — … to be fair, Addis Ababa is currently under construction … has been for years and no end in sight. This particular spot is know as ‘Mexico Square’ and currently looks more like a crater. They are...

Terrorism, City Life, Safety

In 15 minutes, things can change.

by Ragini Menon

Chennai — In 15 minutes, things can change. Two bombs went off in the Central railway station yesterday morning, fifteen minutes apart. I didn’t know about it until the afternoon because I hadn’t watched the n...

Terrorism, Life, Letters

An overdue reply to a letter, lingering 150+ days on, prompted by another Hi moment.

by Charlie Grosso

New york — Dear Daniel, Your last email has been sitting in my inbox for 150 days. The preciousness of our friendship makes me wait —- holding off on a reply until I have something real to say until there are ...

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