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The Hug

by Kalli Angel

Chicago — This has to be the perfect hug, the deepest hug, the kind of hug where the insides of his elbows mold seamlessly with the concave curves of her torso and her chin fits like a puzzle piece into the divot made by his collar bone, the kind where the weight of him leaning down and the angle at which she leans up and in cancel each other out so that there is no wobbling, no tremulous balancing on tipto...

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Lobsters Don't Scream

by Kalli Angel

Trenton — It was a hot job. Hot like the Sahara, hot like lying down on Arizona asphalt in August, hot like if you put on a ski jacket and rubber rain boots and went for a walk on the surface of Mercury with a ...

Fiction, tethering

Three Blonds Walk into a Bar

by Kalli Angel

Wien — I haven’t forgiven her yet, not quite, but I’m working hard to hide it. I don’t think she can tell anyway. And it’s really not that big of a deal. But I just can’t let it go, as much as I want to. Dur...

Fiction, tethering


by Kalli Angel

Berlin — When he saw the way the afternoon light reflected off the Spree, Robert knew he had to take a picture for her. Never mind that she had told him this morning that enough was enough. Yes, her sentences ...

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