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Asia, Bangkok, Thailand

White guys in Asia

by Colin Wright

Bangkok — I spent some time living in Bangkok, arriving at the tail-end of a ‘red shirt’ revolution that predictably solved no problems and pockmarked the urban landscape with bullet holes. After Buenos Aires and Christchurch, I was excited to start building a new life in a new city; a place that was still mysterious, still a vague quantity. A place I had heard so much about, but of which I had very little...

Puppies, Dogs, animals

Sweater puppies

by Colin Wright

Bangkok — You can make a lot of judgements about a city based on how the animals who live there are treated. It’s not an absolute metric for civilization, of course, but as a general rule, the places I’ve been...

Energy drinks, Thailand, Branding

Methylxanthines around the world

by Colin Wright

Bangkok — You can tell a lot about a group of people by the energy drinks they consume. Actually, to be more precise, you can glean a lot about the demographics in a particular region by the ingredients in the...

Thailand, songkran, water

Le festival Songkran est chaque année un moment fort pour les thaïlandais. L'occasion de réunir toutes les générations.

by Kévin Estrade

Non sang — Lorsque Songkran démarre, tout le monde se marre” cela pourrait aisément être le slogan de cette fête si particulière. Trois jours fériés consécutifs pour célébrer l’élément le plus indispensable : l’...

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