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At home in Philadelphia 

by Andrew Boyajian

Philadelphia — I remember my grandmother’s tables being surrounded with faces we saw just once a year— honorary aunts and uncles, smiling down at us. Those tables were also heavy with our food. Boreg, kufta, yalang...



by Cassie Marketos

Pamplona — My friend got a turkey from the woman at his local mercado. “Pavo?” he asked. “Tienes pavo?” She shook her head, like everybody else had, but with an addendum. She could special order one for us — wh...

Prose, pie, Thanksgiving

Her first pie.

by Kristen Taylor

New york — My apartment smells of cardamom and figs and toasted almonds. I hug her mother goodbye, and so begins the crust with cream cheese. We read the recipe together, pulse the butter into the flour. The do...

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