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Food, The Ocean

Today at lunch I did something I hadn't done in a long time: I ate.

by Sunny Vergara

San francisco — Or more specifically, I ate without doing any of the following at the same time: Reading Looking for something to read Checking my email on my phone Responding to work email (though I do have to do that occasionally during my lunch) Looking for a song on Spotify or YouTube after seeing a mention in the music magazine I was reading Surfing the net Looking at Facebook or Google Plus Writing email W...

Beach, The Ocean


by Sara Ashley

Virginia beach — Yesterday, for no reason at all, the ocean to my right (frigid and frothy, speckled in drizzle and mist, a tide that knows no seasons, but pushes and pulls regardless of sunny, tourist-swamped beaches...

The Ocean, Summer Wishes, Free

When I'm at the ocean, I'm a free and wild spirit; like I could run away and never look back.

by Emma Hanson

Huntington beach — Different places evoke different emotions in me, we will soon learn that well. And when I’m by the sea and I can taste the salt in the air and the sun kisses my skin, I feel infinite. I feel like I co...

The Ocean, Skies

Gorgeous pastels at 7 this morning.

by Lloyd Nebres

Kula — I’ve lived in quite a few places, in my half a century of existence thus far, spanning southeast Asia and the western coast of North America. So I think I can say this with authority born of experienc...

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