The Sea

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The Sea

Crossed the Pacific, turned around, and saw the sunset. Hello friends, let's grab some coffee?

by Aaron Palabyab

Pacifica — I’ve been coming to California every few years since I was 11 —- it’s among the handful of “default” US destinations for Filipino families, seeing as there are so many Filipinos here and, of course, stuff like the Golden Gate Bridge and Disneyland. But when I came to San Francisco as a 29-year-old solo backpacker last year, something finally registered in my mind: the energy and utter intertesti...

The Sea, City walks

Two people, the sea, and the breeze.

by Riccardo Mori

Valencia — I live by the sea, but I’m not the type of person you’ll find hanging around at the beach or going for a swim. But I love walking by the sea in winter, or at times of the day when it’s quiet, or when ...

The Sea

My Breakfast

by Maria Coveou

Amarynthos — They gave me a different room this time, closer to the sea. Breakfast was not included but I was served this view on my first morning there. It may not look spectacular, but secretly I complimented th...

The Sea

Well, I'm just a man

by Won Hee Chang

Hayama — “What are you doing here!? I remember your way with words. I’d never met anyone with such a command and so interesting. If you have time, I would love for you to be a guest on my blog - write up somet...

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