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The Small Things, Fresh, village

Small Blessings # 1: fresh air - 24/7 365

by David Wade Chambers

Aireys inlet — In my old age I have become something of a fresh air fanatic. My bedroom has a screen door that allows the sea breeze to sweep in overnight. Admittedly for much of the year I have to snuggle under what my grandmother Pearl would have called a ‘down comforter’, my one extravagance being a duvet and pillow stuffed only with the softest white goose down. There are still a few places in the world w...

The Small Things, Today's Sunrise, photography

Small Blessings #2: Bear Gully

by David Wade Chambers

Walkerville south — Up at 5 AM with my camera waiting for the sunrise. We know our little tourist cottage at Bear Gully looks out over Waratah Bay in a generally easterly direction, facing the broad expanse of Wilsons P...

The Small Things, Depression

Small blessings #4: Just a touch of rose.

by David Wade Chambers

Aireys inlet — I woke this morning blue - really, really sad. Stepping out the front door to a deeply and utterly blue skyscape, I thought: I really can’t bear this moment, this life, this departure. Then, a touc...

The Small Things, A Journal

The small things...

by Daniel Beer

Tokyo — It’s all so Japanese. Which makes sense, of course, but I still like it, and it still surprises me. I went to a mall, and had a lovely three sentence conversation with a skinny Japanese girl with a lo...

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