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"I have no idea what these gauges actually do."

by Daniel Milnor

Gallup — Wanna know a secret? I blew this thing up in the middle of the road, gauges and all. An explosion of oil, pistons, rods and a layer of grime amassed by years of mechanical labor. There was the phone call to the owner. “Um, I blew up your truck.” “Williams, Arizona.” “Sorry.” “Leave it,” he said. “Abandon it.” The only remaining trace is this photograph, made the MOMENT I crossed from Arizona int...

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"You know this story of yours might be a homecoming."

by Daniel Milnor

Tie siding — This idea was presenting to me by a friend and fellow photographer after we overlapped on our current projects. My current project IS a homecoming, and each and every time I bring my camera to eye I c...

america, The West, Life

My beginnings in The West

by Daniel Milnor

Tie siding — Tie Siding, Wyoming 1975. As a young boy I was fascinated by the American West. My father was a rancher, so my summers were spent in rural Wyoming doing the jobs I was physically capable of; things li...

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In Search of Color

by Robin Rendle

San francisco — Delicately, but without hesitation, rivers of diamond and gold reveal themselves into the greater patchwork quilt of California beneath me. I’ve traveled across an ocean, a sea of ice, and now I find ...

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