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thinking, Ethics

I give you my word!

by Max T

Mississauga — What does an individual’s word worth these days? It’s easy to be cynical and simply respond “not a whole lot”. But why? I know it’s not a trivial concept: to stay true to your word and follow your actions based on your intentions. We are a busy bunch. We’re spread too thin: working, raising, learning, educating, helping and trying to stay balanced. We`re conditioned to say “yes” [in one form or ...

Books, School, thinking

A key, an illuminated apple, a Samuel Beckett anthology, an invisible self.

by Cherie Hu

Cambridge — In the shadow … of Samuel Beckett: … we must not … restrict ourselves to … mining for an … answer to every … problem we face … but rather we … must bask in … the vast spaces … crea...

life lessons, thinking

The Memorable Moral

by AJ

Brandon — A friend once told me about a fable his mom read to him when he was a child. In short, there was a little boy who had a bad temper. Every time he would do something wrong, his father would hammer a n...

Travel, thinking, Driving

stillness in motion

by Max T

Richmond — Travelling is our way of life. We spend hours on buses, trains, air planes and cars. We sleep, read books, talk on our phones, write emails, and shake our fists at our fellow drivers. We are a gener...

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