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Notes on Living Outside Cultural Norms.  New Habits, Old Habits.

by James Gibson

Maibara — The decision whether to opt into or out of using a technology, product or service… is increasingly becoming one of whether you want to opt into or out of society.1 Old Habits It took a cyclist to show me the error of my ways. It’s funny how a inquisitive personality and a job that affords creative and social explorations, leads you down a curious path. Roughly a year ago, I moved out of my...

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Notes on Living Outside Cultural Norms. Walking up Questioning & walking down Answering.

by James Gibson

Inabe — “When walking, walk. When eating, eat.”1 Walking up Questioning Thoughts are intrinsic to long walks. Yet today, my mind dwelled on just one: Why do this, what worth is in spending the whole day ...

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Notes on Living Outside Cultural Norms. Hard to go, sad to leave.

by James Gibson

Hakuba — Hard to go, When at home, it’s hard to leave… sad to leave. …When adventuring, it’s hard to return. —Ties of a different nature.

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A beautiful view on my way home

by Adrian Tribe

Dartford — I hurriedly snapped this photo while my train home was zooming across this viaduct. That’s the River Darent below, and beyond that the picturesque village of Eynsford. In the other direction along t...

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