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Asia, Bangkok, Thailand

White guys in Asia

by Colin Wright

Bangkok — I spent some time living in Bangkok, arriving at the tail-end of a ‘red shirt’ revolution that predictably solved no problems and pockmarked the urban landscape with bullet holes. After Buenos Aires and Christchurch, I was excited to start building a new life in a new city; a place that was still mysterious, still a vague quantity. A place I had heard so much about, but of which I had very little...

Travel, Markets, Tourism

Tsukiji Fish Market

by Mona Nomura

Chūō-ku — It’s dark. And cold. But it’s okay, because you are charged by an energy of knowing you are about to witness something special. As you walk towards the warehouses miniature tractors stacked with styro...

Retro, Time Capsule, Tourism

Schläft ein Lied in allen Dingen

by Marcus Hammerschmitt

Kirchheim unter teck — Look at that shit. No, really, take a closer look please. Rejoice in the manifold retro-pleasures provided by this display. The colors. The typographies involved. The neon sign advertises a cinema (“K...

Tourism, Thoughts, GUJARAT

The Human Donkeys

by Binu Alex

Vautha — Early this morning three donkeys from Ahmedabad, including myself, woke up at 4, got ready half an hour later and set out 50 kilometers to watch something that even the state tourism department and in...

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