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Concert in the car!

by Christine Herrin

Quezon city — Stuck in traffic. Again. (When are you not stuck in traffic when you drive in Manila, anyway?) I know these roads so well, but I never know what to expect each time I drive by. Speeding (!) buses. Cabs weaving in and out of lanes. The occasional street vendor taking advantage of the traffic jam. Random, crazy pedestrians with a death wish. Sudden motorbikes. Someone beeping in the distance. The...

Architecture, City Life, traffic

The Glass Canyon

by Ian Babbitt

Hong kong — The heavy air condenses as it sinks into The Glass Canyon, mingling and melding with the exhaust rising from the river of traffic below. A deadly equilibrium being settled above heads, yet the traffic...

Cities, Tanzania, traffic

This traffic has not been moving for at least 25mins now.. How long do people stay in this traffic..

by Samuel Alomenu

Dar es salaam — Eventually we had to wait for four hours after the conference , in order, to be able to set off. This picture was taken at about 6 pm and by the time it was less heavy for us to leave , it was 10pm. ...

traffic, On The Road

How to cause a traffic jam!

by Adrian Tribe

Audincthun — On our way to a museum near St Omer today we came to halt at a roundabout, initially with no obvious reason for the delay. After a few minutes though we understood, as a truck carrying a giant wind t...

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