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University, Memory, Train

"..there's a train going somewhere you once were.."

by Sairam Krishnan

Chennai — Friday evening at office. Unhurried conversation, weekend plans, the smell of coffee from the pantry. I’m a blue shirt under neon lights. It’s a slow day. I open Facebook, and a few inane scrolls later, a photograph. Of a train turning left on its tracks amidst green country, the misty heights of a hill visible in the distance. I don’t scroll further. The clock stops. Memory starts to tick. T...

Train, Rail, Railway

The train lovers book club? Or the book lovers train club?

by Paul B

Liverpool — Something about the sound of the train drifting away draws me into this cheeky little picture! :)

Train, Travel, Airport

Those who love me can take the train

by Etaoin Shrdluc

Stuttgart — David Franca Mences wrote a wonderful and very inspiring text on the meaning of being and the possibility of reinventing oneself in airports 1. Considering myself as an ”Airport People” according to ...

Nowhere, Travel, Train

The rocky hill.

by Ragini Menon

Barathakovil — My sister calls it a quarry. She is wrong. It is just a hill somewhere between the cities of Chennai and Bangalore. Every person who takes the daily Shatabdi Express between the two cities will see th...

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